Seventeen typically releases new music on a Monday, but with Your Choice, they’re released on a Friday. There’s a reason for that. They’re “targeting audiences in the U.S. and the Americas as well. And I think we’ll have more opportunities to perform on global shows,” Seungkwan said.

“It’d be really nice to place our name on the main Billboard charts,” S.Coups added. “That would be really great and we’d get energized.”

As part of their U.S. invasion, they’re performing Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and other shows yet to be revealed.

Your Choice is the group’s eighth EP, and it comes eight months after their last, October 2020’s Semicolon.

Now all eyes are on them to see if they will become quadruple-million sellers, said press conference moderator Park Sun Young. “Love” is the overarching theme of the record, and the message behind Your Choice, Sun Young said, is that “Your Choice is more important than mine.”

During the press conference, the boy band debuted the music video for lead track “Ready to Love” (watch below). The music video sees Seventeen’s band members strolling the streets of a summery, hyper-colored urban landscape with messages of love splashed around.

“It’s about feeling love for a friend,” said DK. And “being ready to courageously confess” to that love.

This year, we’ll be working with the theme of “love,” Woozi added. “We’ll be showing a much more mature expression of love. “

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