He also apologized to his Ginger Nation for dying his hair blonde in the clip.

First things first: Ed Sheeran has to apologize to his Ginger Nation for betraying them. “My hair was blonde for 3 days for the shoot. I apologise to all my ginger people, it will never happen again,” he wrote in a caption to a 15-second preview of his upcoming “Bad Habits” single that dropped on Monday (June 21).

“My bad habits lead to late nights, ending alone/ Conversations with a stranger I barely know,” Sheeran sings over the bass-heavy, dance-y beat in the first look at the glossy clip due out on Friday (June 25). The Suicide Squad-like visual finds Sheeran — dressed like a fashionable glampire in a neon pink suit, electric blue tie, bedazzled, sparkly eyes and yes, rocking blonde locks — doing a slow walk with a seven-person crew of oddballs.

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