Formerly producing as half of Golf Clap, Detroit-based DJ and producer Bryan Jones further steps into his new production moniker as Wave Point with the release of his next single In The Moment.” The quiet of quarantine spurred the launch this project, where Jones is the mastermind behind this new sound serving up slick, soulful grooves. Like most of ‘Higher Dimension’, the single In The Moment is a product of a virtual collaboration with musicians from around the world that contributed to the track’s funky bass guitar, live drums, and original vocals. 

In The Moment” blends poolside vibes smoothly with classic house nostalgia with futuristic techniques. It’s warming the minute you press play, packed with blissful sounds and beautiful melodies to create a euphoric space in your mind’s eye. 

We cannot wait for the full album to come out but until then, enjoy “In The Moment” by Wave Point below!

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