If you thought dirty bass music couldn’t take the next step forward, look no further than what DOGMA is doing to the genre. DOGMA, who has recently come off of a remix with Riot Ten and record deals with Dim Mak, has put together an absolutely brutal bass track, dousing the listener in a gasoline fire filled with riddim, screamo, and a bass music flow that will rip you a new one.

“Deicide,” leaves you gasping for air and is just the beginning, the track is just the first of what is a 3-track EP being slowly revealed by the DJ/producer. All self released, DOGMA is set to dominate the rocktronic category in 2021, go way beyond the pale when it comes to impact and how metal/hardrock can be combined in format that fits dance.

Brace yourself and dive in, DOGMA is only getting louder in 2021.

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