After dropping her Planet Her album last week, Doja Cat has dropped a deluxe edition that features a slinky duet with Eve called “Tonight.” Over plucked guitars, chiming bells and a spare beat, Doja comes on strong in the first verse, singing, “I know you’re going home to your lady, tonight/ So baby, can you just be with me tonight?/ I know that it seems wrong and crazy, tonight/ So baby, can you just be with me tonight?”

When Eve shows up mid-way through to make sure she’s still go your attention. “Let’s get it on tonight/ Blame it on the liquor, we’on’t know what’s wrong from right/ Meltin’ on me, ice cream, baby, slip and slide/ Are you changin’ your clothes or are you changin’ your mind?” she raps in her signature laid-back vibe. “‘Cause we both know there’s only one place you’ll be goin’/ Baby, down at the garden, have you eatin’ them greens/ Got you speakin’ in tongues, mi amor, E-V-E/ Long as you ready to drive, limousine, Doja Cat.”

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