If you’re not familiar with Big Chocolate, then get ready to be blasted in the face by some of the most electrifying and thumping bass music out there. You don’t have to be a headbanger to appreciate the talent, and his brand new EP ‘Pond Scum‘, signed to Sleeveless Records, is a testament to his great skill of creating intriguing sounds and working them into a fascinating arrangement.

Pond Scum” kicks off the EP with a bang with a heavy metal intro. Big guitars, thundering drums, that culminates in a beautifully chaotic drop. He tastefully adds vocal chops throughout the wubs and screeches to compliment in perfect fashion.

Chicken Bone” caps off the EP in a G-house build, building immense energy until it switches up with a massive half time drop. The creativity is stellar. Big Chocolate finds a way to keep your ears engaged throughout the song’s entirety and leave you wanting more.

Listen to the ‘Pond Scum’ EP by Big Chocolate below!

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