Following the release of his debut EP ‘WAR WITH MYSELF,’ Shöckface is back with a familiar collaborator mark veins and a first time collaborator, Brussels-based rapper HAPAXAN for their new record ‘Encore & Encore.’

‘Encore & Encore’ highlights the versatility of both Shöckface and mark veins. The two budding producers have proven that there are no boundaries they are unwilling to tear down. From soaring sub bass layered instrumentals to teaming up with HAPAXAN for ‘Encore & Encore,’ there’s no telling what the two producers have up their sleeve next. ‘Encore & Encore’ which translates from French to English as ‘Again & Again’ marks Shöckface’s and mark veins first non english collaboration. The record begins with soft strung guitar plucks and a warm crackling sensation aided immediately by HAPAXAN’s crisp French vocals.

On ‘Encore & Encore’ HAPAXAN speaks about his struggle and resilience throughout modern life and the dynamic that society foists upon us. In one section of the record saying “Social contract without a signature, Or even negotiating the terms” alluding to the fact how society is constructed in such a way that those within the society often never sign off on the actions that are carried out.

Vibrant percussion and bouts of white noise are sustained throughout the record as pressure building risers make their way towards the climax. Before the first initial drop HAPAXAN switches things up from a fast paced rapping vocal performance into a slower serenading vocal performance highlighting his range of vocal expertise. As ‘Encore & Encore’ continues, Shöckface and mark veins’ signature hyperwave sound filled with distorted anthemic synths takes full control of the record. HAPAXAN continues to remark ‘Encore & Encore’ in reference to after falling down, he gets back up again and again.

Stream ‘Encore & Encore’ below or grab it here.

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