Back in March, Meg launched a $1 million Women on Top philanthropic campaign with Fashion Nova seeking to empower women by supporting their eduction, business, charities and organizations with donations, scholarships and grants. Every day throughout March, which was Women’s History Month, Fashion Nova Cares highlighted the female recipients who were pre-selected to receive $25,000 or more, for a total of $1 million.

In order to get in on the #CashAppForHotties promotion, fans just need to comment on Meg’s latest Instagram post with their $cashtag for a chance to win. “Buying stocks seems complicated, but really it’s a pretty simple process,” Meg said. “The more you educate yourself the more equipped you’ll be to navigate investing. With my knowledge and your hustle, you’ll have your own empire in no time.”

Check out Meg’s video and some of the Hottie awards posts below.

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