The bit basically involved the men trading lines from Ed’s songs, including “The Shape of You,” with such side effects as “adding a line in the song about whether or not you’re vaccinated.” Corden crooned, “Moderna or Pfizer will do,” with Sheeran adding, “you’ll be good after jab No. 2.” You get the point (watch the whole segment below.)

When Sheeran performed “Thinking” he was joined by a full band, including back-up singers, much as he was on his first night of the residency when he played his new single, “Bad Habits.” Sheeran, who has spent his career performing solo with his trusty acoustic and a loop pedal, told Corden on his first night that he’s experimenting with adding a backing band for the first time and considering employing them more often in the future.

“I’ve done the loop-pedal thing for 15 years,” he said. “I feel like something has to change on the next tour. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a band, but I’m trying it out and seeing how it feels.” The effect was clear from the first notes, as the revamped “Thinking” had a fuller, more soulful sound that gave it a swinging, R&B feel complete with churchy organ flourishes and a tasty electric guitar solo.

Watch Sheeran perform “Thinking Out Loud” and join “Side Effects May Include” below.

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