Kantor slays it again with “Unbroken,” a single that absolutely nails a mark showing off many of Kantor’s strong points at once. The USA-based DJ producer has variety of angles he comes at his dance music track’s with, future bass, house – vocal/non-vocal – all being apart of the palate seen from him before. “Unbroken” doubles down on the emotional side of what Kantor has to offer, the vocal taking off a stressful edge with it’s soothing quality, while the future bass rains down hard with it’s rhythmic nature. A trap influence in the percussion holds the setting here together nicely and hard hitting drums sharing a certain video-game edge to them.

Kantor has scored big since starting this project in late 2020. Alison Wonderland has spoken highly about him even having Kantor on her show, he’s achieved consistent if not growing results on Spotify, and has no issue injecting a vision into the music he puts out. More music will likely come from the hard-working multi-talent in good time. Until then, “Unbroken,” hold’s over nicely.

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