We then see Ed in the make-up chair getting his red hair dyed, slipping in his Transylvania chompers and trying to figure out how to “have a pee” with his long, sharp black fake fingernails. Mid-way through we also get the first up-close look at some of the other undead hipsters in the clip as they bare their sharp teeth in vampy close-ups. “I’m just really enjoying working with Dave because I have never, ever looked like this before,” Sheeran says of teaming up with video auteur Meyers.

In the next scene, Ed and Dave review an animated mock-up of one of the wire stunts in the visual, with Sheeran walking himself through a bit where his glampire leaps out of a moving car and confronts an attacker (which, it turns out, is just the disembodied torso of a crash-test dummy). In the rest of the clip Sheeran goofs around with his dancers during rehearsals and reveals that he’s “terrified” of heights as he prepares to leap off a bodega roof.

Watch the behind-the-scenes “Bad Habits” video below.

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