The possibility of the disgraced 83-year-old comedian returning to the live stage might seem almost unimaginable (not to mention, deeply unfunny) considering the number of accusations against him, and it would be certain to cause protests and uproar at any booked venues.

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents several Cosby accusers, has also warned that the comedian could face new defamation claims should he embark on a tour where he claims vindication and casts his accusers in a negative light.

Previously, and under a rather different set of circumstances, comedian Louis C.K. semi-successfully returned to stand-up in the wake of admitting he masturbated in front of five women in 2017. Yet those appearances were met by some backlash, and he has yet to be re-embraced by studios and streaming outlets. His latest special, 2020’s Sincerely Louis C.K., was self-released through his website.

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter.

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