After releasing multiple singles, WODD is dropping his highly anticipated EP, 4th Dimension, on Kannibalen Records. The five track project showcases the evolution of WODD’s iconic sound that defies genre tropes and blends differing styles for an adventurous sci-fi ride.

Within the EDM community, techno and bass are often seen as opposite ends of the spectrum. Techno emphasizes a constant four-on-the-floor beat and an often minimalist aesthetic, focused on the vibe of the room, the lights, the bass, etc., while dubstep typically operates, at least nowadays, outside a strict set of rules apart from heavy bass and a 140-150 bpm.

So, all that being laid out, if I told you that someone had melded the two, your first reaction would likely be one of disbelief. However, 4th Dimension does a phenomenal job of bridging the two — not always equally, mind you. Kannibalen fans will still find plenty of dirty bass to feast upon, while the techno heads might find this as a bit of a gateway into the heavier styles of dance music.

Either way, the creativity and quality are beyond question. Check out the new EP from WODD below!

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