Yellow Claw present a brand new alias, €URO TRA$H and unleash the project’s leading single with Psycho Boys Club, “Trust You” featuring Bonnie Strange.

This dancefloor destroyer serves full-on techno rave with a stellar kick, provocative vocals, and a flashy music video to set the scene. According to the Amsterdam-based duo consisting of Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis, they’ll be dropping four €URO TRA$H singles this July, leading with “Trust You” out now on all platforms.

Yellow Claw share of the new project:

This is a special project we have been working on for quite a while now really taking us back to the origin of the rave. We hope you guys are ready for this and we feel so blessed to be in good health and be able to share these songs with you. 

As for when and where we’ll hear €URO TRA$H live:

As some parts of the world are slowly opening up we hope to serve you these live somewhere. Preferably in a dark basement with nothing but strobe lights and bad intentions. Until that time stay safe and enjoy. 

Listen to the track below (or here) and stay tuned for more from Yellow Claw aka €URO TRA$H very soon.

There’s an epilepsy warning on the music video, so viewer discretion is advised.

€URO TRA$H & Psycho Boys Club – Trust You ft. Bonnie Strange


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