Warner Music UK has unveiled details of a partnership between Atlantic Records UK, Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) – Warner Music Group’s label services division – and UK Latin-based record label Candela Records.

Candela Records, co-founded by Luciano Santana Pinto and Jose Luis Seijas, will focus on “developing the Latino sounds of London, which fuse the city’s unique urban beats with the sound of the Latin Caribbean and beyond, and on bringing this unique hybrid to the global stage,” according to a press release. Under the terms of the partnership, Atlantic Records UK and ADA will help guide Candela Records in signing and developing new artists, as well as distributing their current roster, which includes Angelo Flow and Esko, globally.

“The Latin music scene in the UK is growing incredibly quickly, and we’re excited to make history by becoming the first UK frontline label to partner with a UK based Latino label,” Austin Daboh, executive vp, Atlantic Records, said in a statement. “Everyone at Atlantic and ADA is looking forward to shining a spotlight on this incredibly vibrant music scene and to finding the Latino superstars of the future.”

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