“It’s always important for me to say something with my music, even if the deeper message is hidden inside of what sounds like a fun, upbeat song,” he says of the new number.

In “Say So,” he tapped into the idea that, in times of trouble, “we often try to act like we’re still okay, even when we really aren’t. No matter how bad the situation is or how close we are to self-destructing, we think that, if we keep telling ourselves we’re ok, then maybe we will be.”

It’s something of an exercise in self-help awareness. “We think ‘if we say so, then we say so..’ but really we need help,” he continues.

Originally released in 2019, “Astronaut” floated into orbit after going viral on TikTok earlier in the year.

Since then, Wolf has performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The track has logged 20 weeks on the Hot 100, with a peak of No. 6, and led several charts including Hot Rap Songs and Emerging Artists. Meanwhile in Wolf’s homeland, “Astronaut” is certified double-platinum with a best of No. 4.

Masked Wolf (real name Harry Michael) dropped another new track last month, “Gravity Glidin’”, and more tunes are said to be coming soon.

Stream “Say So” below.

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