GRiZ unleashes his trippiest flow to date with a brand new and colorful production called “Rainbow Brain.”

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of GRiZ — well, it’s a lot of positive energy and feel-good vibes — and some dirty, dirty, funky fresh dubstep.

The song opens up with a wonky atmosphere, builds the hype with intention, and drops into a psychedelic playground of vivid sounds and design, featuring the lyrically gifted MC ProbCause alongside powerful and soulful vocals from Chrishira Perrier. There’s never a dull moment, as GRiZ throws down a vast range of persistent synths and fills into a seamless, mind-melting arrangement.

“Rainbow Brain” follows up a mob of GRiZ instant classics: “Tie-Dye Sky,” “Astro Funk,” “Bring Me Back” with Elohim, “Ease Your Mind” with Ganja White Night and “Vibe Check.” Each have blasted through our speakers this year — and we simply can’t get enough!

Listen here!

GRiZ – Rainbow Brain (ft. ProbCause & Chrishira Perrier)



GRiZ Press Photo by Jason Seigel 

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