Space Yacht presents its second edition of the Tech My House compilation series, following up last year’s inaugural release which marked the brand’s sixth anniversary. It’s a 14-track party-starting collection from some of the best tastemakers in the game.

The label and collective reveals, “90% of the singles were signed through Space Yacht’s Twitch show, Tune Reactor, which launched during the pandemic to level the A&R playing field.” The concept is simple — Space Yacht signs the music they love and believe in.

Co-founder LondonBridge shares: “The great thing about the way we do A&R is that it’s all live on our Twitch stream. It enables us to source records from all over the world. We don’t care if you have a manager or a big social media following. If the music is great, we sign it. It’s as simple as that.”

This round of Tech My House features instant hit club cuts from Arnold & Lane, No Thanks & San Pacho, Swavé, Hitta & Vanilla Ace, Pass The 40, Capozzi, Xeno, Tony H, OBAŸASHI, Nico Crespo, Heim, Ōsé, Not Not, and Contribe.

Listen here!

Space Yacht – Tech My House Vol. 2

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