NYC-based producer Blvk Sheep has finally unveiled his anticipated new two-track EP, Dissociated. The project kicks things off with a metal-influenced banger in ‘Let Go’ before rounding things out with ‘Life Sucks,’ a more emotional, melodic cut. As you’ll hear below, the genre-bending EP draws from a ton of interesting sonic influences but still sounds cohesive and fresh at the same time. We’ve been witnessing Blvk Sheep perfect his craft over the years and can’t wait to hear what he has cooking up for us next. Stream the Dissociated EP below via Spotify and read what the producer himself has to say about this project as well.

“This EP is important to me because I’ve always loved all the elements that I was able to capture in these songs: heavy metal, sad pop punk, hip hop & electronic music all in one. AFTERMYFALL & Apollo Vega did amazing vocal work on both songs & really helped me push the limits on these songs!”

Blvk Sheep – Dissociated | Stream

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LISTEN: Blvk Sheep Unveils Genre-Bending New “Dissociated” EP

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