Slushii and Volt collaborated for the first time in April, earlier this year, putting out “Just A Memory.” For that one, Slushii took the lead and Volt was secondary in the distribution, but now we have “Rattle Your Bones” where the roles are flipped.

When it comes to the actual production of the track, the order of the names in how a track is released might not have that much meaning, or it might have a lot, but it’s still an interesting juxtaposition for the first two collaborations from the producers to come out. Similarly, the tracks have very contrasting sound profiles, with “Just A Memory” being very pretty and glittering, and “Rattle Your Bones” coming across almost devilish in tone.

“Rattle Your Bones” begins with creepy, adolescent voice saying, “You’re not afraid of the dark, are you? Don’t be afraid, come with me.” It’s delivered like a ghost child from an A24 film, and followed by that menacing melody, the sound of pounding on a door, and then the door creaking open… both Volt and Slushii knew exactly what they were doing. “You’re going to die in there…”

If you’re a fan of some horror in your dubstep, definitely check out “Rattle Your Bones” from Volt and Slushii below, out now on Kayzo’s Welcome Records.

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