Tiësto taps the immersive soundscape of VER:WEST in his latest production, “Elements Of A New Life.”

His techno-laced arrangement features melodic wonders and euphoric releases, with underlying driving energy present throughout. It’s a stark change up from what we’ve come to expect from Tiësto, yet just as deserving of a main stage.

Tiësto shares of the project:

I would describe VER:WEST as melodic house music. It’s a lot deeper and more chill and a very different energy than Tiësto. I got this opportunity from Tomorrowland to express a different side of me, which I’ve never done before. I know they are going to put amazing visuals around it and make it look really different and cool. Expect the unexpected, it’s going to look amazing!

“Elements Of A New Life” follows up Tiësto’s debut as VER:WEST, “5 Seconds Before Sunrise,” which released one year ago almost to the date.

Listen here!

VER:WEST – Elements Of A New Life


Photo via Rukes.com

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