“I cooked for him and the band because nobody had any pounds, you know? We were in London,” she said. “So I would invite them up to my loft every night and give them tupperware to take home because nobody had food. I said to them at the time, ‘Bring my tupperware to the next show.’ They didn’t.”

LaBelle went on to say that years later, she received a phone call from the Rocket Man himself, and she made a very simple demand. “I get a call years after that saying, ‘Hi, Patti, it’s Reggie, I want you to come and see me tonight,'” she recalled of the star born Reginald Dwight. “I said, ‘Reggie, who are you opening for?’ He said ‘I’m Elton John now.’ So I said, ‘Punk, where is my tupperware?”’

Naturally, John decided it was only fair to pay LaBelle back for the tupperware that he had lost. “He left this on the piano,” she said, as she produced a stunning, diamond-encrusted ring shaped like a cross. “I said, ‘Elton, your ring!’ He said, ‘Patti, that’s your tupperware.’ I’m so happy for his success, and I haven’t sold it!”

Check out the full clip from WWHL below:

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