After discovering iskwē through her ‘Nobody Knows’ single, newly formed LA duo Epikker were inspired and asked the Canadian solo artist to if they could officially remix the track. Now after working diligently on the song, Epikker have finally treated us to the release of their ‘Nobody Knows’ remix. As you’ll hear below, the track carries an awesome old school electro vibe that is infectious from start to finish. It’s quite the invigorating dance remix, but at the same time it does a great job of maintaining the great energy of the original song. Stream the remix via Spotify below and read what Epikker themselves have to say about their release as well.

Nobody Knows (Epikker Remix) | Stream

“We first heard iskwē’s ‘Nobody Knows’ when she dropped by our studio several years ago. We were quite honestly blasted out of our seats. Her delivery was both raw and delicate. Her songwriting was chock-full of incredibly meaningful lyrics that you just don’t hear anymore. We believe that iskwē is a powerful advocate for women, and we were honored to remix her song. Our hope in doing this remix is to bring more awareness to the plight of native women everywhere.― Epikker

LISTEN: Epikker Unleash Uplifting Electro Remix of iskwe’s ‘Nobody Knows’ Single

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