Famba consistently blows us away with his talent and always builds anticipation with who he’s going to work with next. His latest single is a massive collaboration with two of the biggest vocalists in dance music, Brando (Loud Luxury, Matoma, Don Diablo) and MKLA (KSHMR, Vintage Culture, Steve Aoki). They both deliver stunning vocal performances, while Famba’s production takes the song to stratospheric levels.

I’d never done a duet before, so I knew it had to be with someone with a voice like this angel. Brando has a sultry deep tone that I really believe has influenced a lot of great house music,” says MKLA about her first duet experience.

Featuring seductive deep house melodies as well as lyrics, “Games We Play” is the love song with swagger that does double damage on the dance floor. The track is the second single from Famba’s forthcoming EP, Wishes Vol.2, to be released later this Fall. 

Famba also remembers how the song came about: “The night we wrote ‘Games We Play’ was one of the most fun and most organic writing sessions I’ve ever had. It was just friends having a good time and partying all night. The song just happened; we didn’t even intend to write it. It’s also everything I’ve been building towards; my sound is finally starting to become more defined.

When he later approached Brando with the unfinished recording, the California-based singer-songwriter fell in love with it immediately, saying: “The minute I cut the vocals I knew it was going to be a great collab. I think it will really resonate with our fans as well.

Listen to “Games We Play” below!

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